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Welcome to GM Door

Bold Expression, Solid Impression

GM Door Welcomes You to "Say It with Door!"

gmdoor malaysia 7040We are here to help you find the ideal door of your choice that expresses exactly what you wanted to say and projects the right impression about yourself to others.

The door, being a key element of a home, tell others who you are in its own silent way, 24 hours a day; so it makes good sense to choose a door that portrays its owner accurately and favourably.

gmdoor malaysia 7036GM Door offers you a wide selection of quality wooden door to match your purpose - to express a warm welcome to visitors, impress friends, enhance your image, define your personality, portray your lifestyle, or just pampering yourself with GM’s exotic tropical wooden door, elegantly made to enrich your home appeal.

You will be impressed with our beautifully designed door, exquisitely made of exotic Malaysian tropical timber wood. GM Door offers 3 timber wood species for your selection namely, Kembang Semangkuk, Merpauh and Nyatoh. Each timber wood species has its own unique elegant appeal, colour and texture to satisfy your preference.

gmdoor malaysia 7034GM’s timber door radiates the distinctive elegance of natural timber that would enhance your home and office with a touch of sophistication and luxury.

GM Door is definitely “the right place” to find the wooden door of your choice, as we are a leading door manufacturer, specializing in designing and producing top quality solid wood door in Malaysia.

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