Our Process

GM Door Sdn Bhd is a wooden door manufacturer that specializes in ready-made doors and custom-made doors.

Timber Choice – GM Door offers its customers three types of Malaysian timber species, namely: Kembang Semangkuk (commonly known as “KSK”), Merpauh, and Nyatoh. Each timber species has its own unique characteristics and physical appeal.

Door Choice – GM Door offers both ready-made standard size doors and custom-made wooden doors to meet a wide range of customers’ requirements. Multiple ready-made wooden doors are available for purchase at our factory and our office. Our standard doors comprise 60% of our total sales while the balance 40% comprises of tailored doors. Our tailor-made doors are constructed according to our customer’s requirements and specifications in our factory. We can deliver tailored doors within two weeks from factory.
Our production team is versatile and knowledgeable in customizing doors, and to-date, we have produced over 6,000 different types of customized designs and non-standard sizes doors to support our credibility. We are able to add door accessories including handles, hinges, locks, and stained glass to our doors. We also provide various doors finishing such as coating, staining and varnishing to create a unique and personal touch.

Product Specialty – GM Door is especially well known for its Kembang Semangkuk (KSK) timber wood doors which are very much sought after by merchants and customers in the market. When it comes to KSK wooden doors, GM Door’s brand will come to most of the customers’ minds as GM Door is the “preferred choice”, amongst other brands.

These are the steps we take for each production stage to ensure top quality products:
1.Timber quality check: Only the best timber is selected before sawing them into wooden blocks.

2.Chemical pressure treatment: It is applied to the timber to withstand all types of fungus and insects infestation, including termite attacks. This treatment helps to preserve and to increase the life span of the door’s timber.

3.Kiln seasoning: This is an essential process where the wood is kiln dried to prevent dimensional changes by reducing the moisture content of the wood to an appropriate level. The dried timber is then kept aside for 2 months for the wood to stabilize and settle.

4.Wood sizing: The stabilized wood will be cut and planed into the various specified sizes for moulding and assembling into door panels, while door stiles uses single long pieces.

5.Joinery: Wood pieces selected for bonding are matched in accordance with their wood grain and pattern to achieve a uniform and harmonious appearance before they are joined. The quality highlights of our joinery are that:

  • High quality ‘Kossan’ glue is used essentially to provide the best bonding strength for joinery which would enhance the door’s dimensional stability.
  • Every GM Door’s door stiles are made from single piece wood of the same timber to achieve high quality and dimensional stability. GM Door does not practice the “mix-and-match” application of materials for door stiles to compromise on cost.
  • Our wooden dowels make the difference in our nail-free joinery. GM Door uses as many as 26 pieces of wooden dowels per door for joinery, way above the industry’s average standard application of 14 pieces of wooden dowels per door. This makes a huge difference in reinforcing joint quality as it helps to sustain door dimensional stability for a much longer period.
  • Our wooden dowels are made from 100% wood. Knowing its significance, GM Door manufactures its very own wood dowels to precision from single pieces of wood as a critical quality control factor.

6.Final quality inspection and approval: Every GM Door’s finished products have to go through a stringent inspection process for quality approval before leaving the factory. This process ensures that every of our doors are made to exact specifications, well-planed, and sanded to a high degree of smoothness to give the perfect door fit for trouble-free installation for our customers.

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